Challenges To Combating Homelessness

Challenges To Combating Homelessness
Lack of affordable housing
Lack of affordable housing has been the most significant barrier in the fight against homelessness. The homeless populations, especially those with meager income or no income, have been rendered unable to afford the available houses, which are very expensive. The high prices of homes have increased the number of homeless people. That has made it almost impossible to achieve zero homelessness despite the efforts invested by both the government and other agencies.
Funding requirements/Cost
The Cost of homelessness reduction has become increasingly high due to the most significant number of homeless populations. The high unemployment rate has led to a substantial increase in the number of homeless individuals and families. The efforts to eradicate homelessness have been thwarted by the high numbers of the homeless, making it impossible since it has grown too big to become unaffordable.
Problems With Adoption By General Public
There has been a problem with adoption by the general public, who seems to be viewing it from different perspectives. Many people have become so cautious with adoption because of the fear of bringing in a new character whose origin is unknown. Many people have developed this fear who have become too relaxed to adopt children who have no families and stay in children’s homes. That is a significant setback to programs aiming to eradicate homelessness.

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