Changes in Business Organization

Organizational change is a natural process. Change is inevitable. Change relies with the time, situation, competition and the market environment. Organizational Change is a process guided by the environment. Organization needs to change its structure as well as the system to meet the goals and the mission. Basically, Organizational change is in subject to organization structure change, as just opposite of smaller changes just like recruiting a new employee, modifying and altering an equipments and machineries etc. Organizational structure change can be included a change in vision, mission and its strategy, restructuring business processes, change in the way of operations, introducing new technologies, company mergers and acquisitions,…show more content…
Communication, on the other hand plays a most precious role while changing the structure of an organization. Organization by law can ‘t communicate enough or talk to enough people. Most of the organizational employees are rather satisfied with the status quo. Organization also cannot communicate too much in portion. Change has measurable goals so that an organization can track and communicate its work in progress towards the set goals and entire objectives. To successfully implement the change process an organization must have meetings at least once a week or by month including all concerned organizational members will be impacted by or are driving the process together in the same hall or a room. Change process must be transparent that every staff members liable to know the progress report.
Significant organizational change occurs within an organization when an organization changes its overall goal, strategy and the way for success, adds or removes a major section or practice, it also occurs when an organization wants to change the very environment by which it operates. Organizational change also occurs when an organization develops through various life cycle just like organization must significantly develop through life cycles. For organizations to develop, they often must experience significant change at various ways in their development.
Leaders and managers continually make efforts to accomplish

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