Chronic Kidney Disease Assessment

Chronic Kidney Disease Assessment
Write 8 page essay on the topic Chronic Kidney Disease.
Chronic Kidney Disease becomes evident after kidney function is extensively impaired. Identification of disease process helps people to understand its cause, modes of treatment and outcomes from treatment or failure to treat. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the disease process, major treatment strategies and their impact to the disease process, and give a Nursing Evidence-Based Practice. It will also present a case study on the disease, and present a Nursing Care Plan for the disease.
Chronic Kidney Disease Assessment
Chronic Kidney Disease is a problem that occurs when a kidney function is impaired by a disease, causing damage to it. Impairment on the kidney results from some of the organs attached or related to the kidney having been affected due to other infections. Examples of the diseases commonly associated with causing kidney failure include diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary tract obstruction, and recurrent kidney infections, among others.
Chronic Kidney Disease Assessment
According to Medical News Today (MNT), there are a number of factors that contribute to developing chronic kidney disease, which include. a family history of the disease, age. this disease mostly affects people over 60 years, urinary tract obstruction, kidney diseases at birth, high blood pressure, sickle cell disease and medication, among others (Nordqvist, 2013).
Chronic Kidney disease affects the normal functioning of the body. According to National Kidney Foundation (NKF), the kidney is responsible for production of hormones called erythropoietin (EPO), which signals the body to make red blood cells (NKF, 2008). When one has kidney disease, the body may not be able to make EPO and this leads to reduced red blood cells which may lead to anemia. Since a combination or a group of cells of the same kind and which perform similar function makes a tissue, the effect of chronic kidney disease on cells affects formation of tissues.
Chronic Kidney Disease Assessment
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