Circuit Based Women Safety System

Women’s security is a critical issue in today’s world and it’s very much needed for every individual to be acting over such an issue. This paper describes a “GPS, GSM and Zapper Circuit based women safety system” that provides the combination of GPS device specialized to track the location as well as provide alerts and messages with an emergency button trigger. It also contains shock mechanism to produce non-lethal electric shock  in emergency situation. Our endeavour behind this paper is to design and fabricate a gadget which is so compact in itself that provide advantage of camouflage. The main advantage of this system is that the user does not require a Smartphone unlike other applications that have been developed earlier. The device provides with all the features which will leave no stone unturned to help the dupe in any kind of emergency situations. The gadget also contains healthcare system for patients and those who needed critical care. In this paper we provide key points of the gadget and its application in danger time. Keywords- GPS (Global Positioning System); GSM (Global System for Mobile communication); Zapper circuit. Buzzer.
                                I. INTRODUCTION
 Women all over the world are facing much unethical physical harassment. Women and girls experience and fear various types of sexual violence in public spaces, from sexual harassment to sexual assault including rape and feticide. It happens on streets, public

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