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In order to reuse the code in the following weeks, you will include different parts of the program in the following three separate files within Visual Studio:
1.Program.cs will hold the Main method, which is the starting point for the program execution.2.ApplicationUtilities.cs will hold the re-usable methods that provide the user information about the application.3.InputUtilities.cs will hold the re-usable methods that will collect the user information.Using the methods defined in these classes you will construct a program that prompts the user for the following:
1.Your name, which will be a string data type2.Your age, which will be an integer data type3.The gas mileage for your car, which will be a double data typeAlso, note that the program should contain a well document program header and demonstrated and explained in the Programming and Convention Standards document found in the Week 1 lecture and Doc Sharing.
Deliverables Step Deliverable Step 4 Screen shots of running program results Step 5 Zip file with entire Lab files
•If you are using the Citrix remote lab, follow the login instructions located in the iLab tab in Course Home.•Locate the Visual Studio 2010 icon and launch the program.iLAB STEPS STEP 1: Review the Design Back to Top Download the program description and pseudocode. Make sure you fully understand the program design and ask any questions that you may have BEFORE you start programming.
Click Week 1 Lab Design to download the program design:
STEP 2: Construct the Program Back to Top 1.Start Visual Studio and create a new project titled “CIS247_WK1_Lab_LASTNAME”2.Using the Week 1 Lab Design construct the methods3.Once the methods are constructed, use the Week 1 Lab Design document to create the Main method.STEP 3: Compile and Test Back to Top •When done, compile your code by clicking on Build->Build Solution. Then debug any errors until your code is error-free. If you click on the error in the Error Window, it takes you to the statement in your code, which produced the error. You can then click on F1, which launches the Microsoft Help Library, to see additional information and possible suggestions on how to fix your error.•To execute your code, click Start and then Start Debugging. Check your output to ensure that you have the desired output. If you need to fix anything, close your execution window, modify your code as necessary, and rebuild.•Create a test plan in order to make sure your application runs properly. A test plan is a series of tests you choose to perform, where you predefine the input values and write down the expected output. When you execute your code given the input values, your program should display the expected output. If it does not, this means you need to review your code and correct any mistakes. Creating several scenarios, based on the program complexity, ensures that your code runs properly.•Execute your code and check your output to ensure that you have the desired output. If you need to fix anything, close your execution window, modify your code as necessary, and rebuild.STEP 4: Screen Prints Back to Top •Capture a screen shot of your application’s output and paste it into a Word Document. •The output of your program should resemble the following:

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