CLBS and Freshmind program

CLBS and Freshmind program

Management programme
Communication skills
Advanced technology

The Claude Littner business school and fresh mind should conduct some training or courses on the management system, communication skills and on the implementation of the advanced technology to get a kitemark in the UK. The management programme helps the student to deal with the customer in the local business to satisfy their needs (Voolaid and Ehrlich., 2019). The good communication helps the local business to bring their product to the market for better marketing. The advanced technology applied by the business students in the schools helps them to produce more products. 

Social awareness

The presentation aims to discuss the different criteria of the business charter school and the procedure of getting avatar and membership. It applied a kitemark in their institution and all the business schools can compete with the CLBS as the kitemark shows a very good quality. The process of applying different technology helped the local business to higher their productivity and economy as per the UK economy.
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Soundararajan, V., Jamali, D. and Spence, L.J., 2018. Small business social responsibility: A critical multilevel review, synthesis and research agenda. International Journal of Management Reviews, 20(4), pp.934-956.

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