CO7 Analyze new technology

CO7 Analyze new technology
Course Objective:
CO7: Analyze new technology that will change the current paradigm of logistics of existing supply chains.
Given all that has been covered in the class, what is the top supply chain issue for the future? Consider areas of exploration such as cybersecurity, disruptive technology, App-based solutions, or some combination of these areas. Write a minimum of a 10-page comprehensive paper (not including cover page or reference section) that is researched and supported about technology in supply chain management. The focus can either be commercial, military, or government. The paper should address at a minimum the following topics:
Introduce and define the focus area(s) and explain if it will focus on commercial, military, or government aspects of supply chain management.
Explain the current uses of this technology in the military, in business, or within government.
Explain the three best arguments that support the use of this technology(s) within your chosen area.
Discuss possible shortcomings, limitations, or other factors that might keep a company from adopting this new solution.
Discuss operational, financial, and other ramifications of adopting this technology.
Label your Word document as follows: yourlastname.doc (ex: Johnson.docx).
Essay format; not bullet format
Minimum 10 full pages of content (Word Document) of strategic material (does not include cover page, abstract, nor reference pages)
All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content).
Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
Refrain from excessive use of quotes in your response (less than 5%).
Once you submit your document to the assignment folder it will automatically be loaded to TURNITIN.COM within the course. Your similarity scan score must be 20% or less (the following will be excluded: headers, bibliography, etc.) prior to instructor grading paper—focus on the content of scan percentage
Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment.
There are no late assignments accepted after the last day of the course.

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