[communications] argumentative essay on advertising (selected


Since you are making a claim, this argumentative research paper can be about any of the themes you have learned in class or in another area related to communications; however, your thesis must connect to the concepts discussed this semester in order for you to demonstrate your understanding of the course materials. 

Your essay must be a hard copy, 7 pages long, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and use APA formatting. In addition, you must use at least five scholarly sources from the course material when you submit your essay.A well written essay is formal in nature, will critically engage with the concepts and provide adequate examples with explanation of the topic along with concrete details. Your paper will be marked according to: a clear thesis; the correct use of relevant concepts; the comprehensive nature of your examples and context; clear meaning; logical organization of ideas; and your own voice.  DUE JULY 5, 10PM PDT

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