Community Related Health Issue

You will explore a community-related health issue identified in the Healthy People 2020 objectives. The issue must pertain to a poor, underserved, and/or vulnerable population. The goal of this study is to go beyond the basic framework on the Healthy People 2020 internet sources and thoroughly research printed professional literature. You will write a 15–20 page research paper that includes a title page and abstract as well as a thorough discussion of the science behind the issue using the theory, political and policy challenges, and resources for meeting the objective. Specific research paper instructions are outlined below. Please refer to the grading rubrics for more information.
Title Page- This page includes Title, Student name/SID, Course/section and Date
Abstract- The abstract will be between 150- 200 words and provide adequate summary of the paper.
Introduction – Define the problem including person (who it impacts), place (where it impacts), and time (when it impacts).
Background – provide background information on the Healthy People 2020 objective including data for the objective, details on methodologies and measurements, and previous versions of the objective.
Current Research – Summarize current research on your topic from peer reviewed literature and authoritative sources (such as WHO, CDC, etc). The sources should be published within the last 10 years and provide information such as social determinants, risk factors, trends in the increase or decrease of the issue, population(s) impacted, and methods prevention or mitigation that are or are not effective.
Discussion – Based on the current research, describe whether it is consistent or inconsistent (agreeing or disagreeing research), gaps in the literature, etc.
Recommendations- Make recommendations concerning future research, types of interventions to be used, and any other future steps.
References- Includes at least ten references. References must be correctly numbered with appropriate citations in text. All references must adhere to the AMA Manual of Style Citation.
1. Research Paper: Bibliography
2. Research Paper: Outline
3. Research Paper: Final Paper

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