Computer Science Assessment Internet Intranet And Extranet

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Document Preview:Chapter 7 Internet, Intranet, and Extranet Internet World wide group of computers and networks Internet: Connecting networks which is what the internet is Backbone: Main network that supports the other networks Hypertext: links users can follow Hypermedia: documents with links to other media in the document Domain Name System Lindenwood: Domain Name: Uniquely identifies Lindenwoods computers and addresses IP: Internet Protocol. The numbers that the domain name stands for: URL: Uniform Resource Locator address of a document/ site on internet Part of URLhttp: hypertext transfer protocol a protocol to see/request/send web pages www: World wide web Domain name Edu: Top level Domain name type (.com, .mil, .gov, .uk are others) Index.html: web page. Html stands for hypertext markup language, which defines how page is laid out

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