Concepts related to the current change process of the Hertfordshire company

Theories and concepts related to the current change process of the company 
There are several theories and concepts related to change that take place in organisations. These changes help the organisations to stay relevant and sustain themselves in the long run. Some of the most common theories and concepts of changes are discussed down below.Lewin’s change management model
Lewin’s change management model 
was developed around the 1940s, and it is still one of the most relevant change models to date. This is essential because of the relevant structure that Lewin has presented in his theory. According to Lewin, the change management in the organisation can be broken down further into three stages that help to make it more manageable. The three stages are freeze, change and refreeze, and this idea is based on the use of an ice cube which is related to organisational change management (Hussain et al., 2018). The main idea here is to unfreeze the current practices and processes that are present in the organisation. This step is important to prepare for the upcoming changes that are on their way. The next step is to implement the change in the organisational process and operations. This requires clear and continuous communication between the entire team. After the change is implemented, the final step is to refreeze the new process. Too simplistic an idea, the model helps organisations to identify the weak areas, change them and adopt new strategies to make the whole business process more effective. 

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