Corruption Within Community Corrections System

Corruption Within Community Corrections System
The police arrested Jack Daniels for driving under the influence of alcohol. Daniels had no criminal history, which made him eligible for diversion. If Daniels completes his diversionary contract within 90-days, the court will dismiss his charges. Daniels accept the diversion contract in which he must attend a group counseling meeting each week for 90-days given by Mike Ponzi a community corrections counselor.
Corruption Within Community Corrections System
Daniels happens to have a good job and makes 200,000 dollars a year. After attending the first counseling meeting, Daniels feels that these meetings are beneath him and a waste of time. At the second meeting, Daniels waits for all the other members to leave then approaches Ponzi, and says, “I would like to offer you two roundtrip airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. All you have to do is sign off on my attendance sheet that I have to turn into the court to prove that I attended all my meetings.”
Corruption Within Community Corrections System
Ponzi replies, “I suppose it would not hurt anything to sign off on your sheet, you are not a repeat offender. I will do it but if you ever say I did this, I will tell the court that you forged my signature.”
Daniels hands Ponzi the airline ticket vouchers.
Corruption Within Community Corrections System
Ponzi postdated the rest of the meetings on Daniels attendance sheet, signs off on it, hands it back to Daniels and says, “It is a pleasure doing business with you.”
In a 2 to 3 paragraphs, a minimum of 250 words, identify the ethical system that you believe explains the scenario above- support your response. Also, apply information from chapter 13 and discuss some of the consequences that may occur from Ponzi’s misconduct. Give an example of how organizations can reduce unethical behaviors from community correction personnel.
Corruption Within Community Corrections System
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