Cost Distribution Methods

There are so many different ways to market and distribute products to customers these days; television commercials, billboards, and the internet to name a few. The internet has made many markets available to people thousands of miles away, and it makes it easier to buy things using your credit card right over the telephone or through a web-site paying system. Then there are newspapers and magazines.  Magazine catalogs offer a way to shop without leaving your home as well when you pay by check or credit card. People love to spend money and the easier it is to spend money the more willing they are to do it. So which distribution method is best? The direct distribution system in one method and has several subsystems. One distinction between…show more content…
The point I’m trying to make is that when you operate a business you want to keep your over-head down as much as possible and if you already have the internet at your place of business it is not an extra expense that you need to account for.
On the internet there are several ways to advertise just about anything for free. The two most popular places to advertise for free is Facebook and MySpace. These two sites are viewed by millions daily all around the world. MySpace has an average viewer of 35 years of age or older and the average age of visitors to Facebook everyday is between the ages of 12-17. Last I checked, all of the motioned ages go to the movies and it just makes sense to advertise and it makes even more sense to create accounts for both of these internet hosts if anything because that it’s free.

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