Crime Scene Report Process Plan

Crime Scene Report Process Plan
Now that you have finished the “crime scene” part of the program, it is time to enter the laboratory. Once you enter the laboratory, you will not be able to re-enter the crime scene. You are, in effect, “giving up” your crime scene. This is the way we operate in real life. We can only hold the crime scene for so long. People want to re-enter their property, and to hold a crime scene we must post an officer at all entrances/exits 24 hours a day. It can be difficult finding people to guard a scene, especially in the summer when most people take their vacations.
So, you now have to give up your scene and take the evidence into the laboratory. This is where the game departs from real life. You must request all the testing that you want completed all at once on every item of evidence. Once you request your tests there is no way to request more, or to get another item of evidence tested. Just a word of warning. In real life, we would choose what we considered to be the most important items of evidence. We would send these to the lab with our test requests. Sometimes the lab will contact us, suggesting this test instead or along with what we requested. We usually agree. What the results of those tests are will determine what we do next. If the results come back how we thought they would, we are usually done. If they are not what we expected, we then take another look at our reconstruction. We then have to decide if we want to send more evidence to the lab, or to ask for more testing of the evidence they already have. However, in this program you do not have that luxury.
I have your crime scene reports, so I know what evidence you collected. Using only that evidence, please request testing in the crime laboratory. You will receive your results instantly. Save those results! You will then have access to those results and all information for when you write your report. Your report for the Laboratory portion should be the results of analysis of the evidence you collected. In this instance I am encouraging you to copy directly. You can copy and paste the results you will receive directly into your report. However, you will need to re-format those results. I have a Word document attached. You need to use the attached template or you will lose points. You can also find the template in Content>Crime Scene Project Information is your template called Lab Report Template. Then, please try to reconstruct the crime scene based on your evidence. A reconstruction is an opinion of what took place before the police arrived at the crime scene based on the evidence and witness testimony. Please read the comments from your crime scene report for help in wording and grammar. Please see the attachment for the proper format.
The laboratory tests that are available are:
Complete Medico-Legal Autopsy
Toxicology for drugs

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