Criminological theories Summary

Criminological theories
Psychoanalysis is a well-known method in the field of psychology. It was developed in order to treat patients who have mental disorders. Due to the fact that psychology deals with the unconscious mental process of a human being, it is often regarded as depth psychology. This method first came to light after the psychoanalytic movement by Austrian psychiatrist Sigman Freud on the basis of the clinical observations and formulation on the subject. This theory formulated a new conceptual structure of personality (Solms, M., 2018). According to this theory, personality can be divided into three forms that are id, ego, and superego. The first component, or id, refers to the unconscious mind and impulses that are interconnected with the genetic background and are concerned with preserving and propagating life. In this regard, the id of a human being can be associated with genetics or inheritance. Hence, if a family member of a human being has any homicidal mentality or has any past criminal record in the past, it can be very much surpassed to the next generations. It has been found in various homicide cases in the UK is associated with addictive components such as drugs, alcohol, etc. In this regard, if a person has an addiction to alcohol, it can very much transfer into his kids, which experts think is a driving force for many homicide cases. In the UK, almost 40% of homicide cases are related to drug abuse (Mezey 
et al
., 2021). In this regard, a recent case of Lauren Bloomer was brutally killed by her partner when she tried to stop her boyfriend from intaking cannabis. Allegedly, Jake Notman, her partner, stabbed her thirty times, and she was found dead in their house. In accordance with the case, it can be stated that the family member or close persons should be well aware of the addictive tendencies of their relatives or friends, and first of all, they should not be the root of those addictions. The second component of psychoanalysis is the ego. In accordance with the research findings of Freud, the ego is responsible for controlling the conscious and preconscious stages of awareness. Ego is the component that deals with the reality of life that involves perception, cognition, and executive actions. In this regard, the ego of a man can be associated with society or the home environment, which can be the deciding factor in terms of affecting the ego factor of that person. Hence, the criminal prospect in a human can very much emerge from the neighborhood or the surroundings of that man. In this regard, the cases where a person kills their partners and then later kills themselves can be fit to this. According to Hough (2019), the persons who kill their family can be associated with the conscious attributes, i.e., the harsh reality they are going through. Although these cases are rare, they are referred to as nominal homicide. Another psychiatrist stated that family killing could have many reasons, such as jealousy or feeling insecure with the partner, or even money can be the cause behind this. In this regard, the cases of Ms. Dunning can be taken as evidence from this argument where his boyfriend Mark Brandford brutally killed her as she texted another man. Another case of former millionaire Christofer Foster can also be used as another evidence of the argument where he killed his family and then killed himself in 2009 as he was going through financial crises. 

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