Culturally Sensitive Population Care

Culturally Sensitive Population Care
NURS 621
Guidelines – Culturally Sensitive Population Care Management Plan Paper
Overview of paper’s purpose: It is now time to bring the information together that you have learned over the semester and to develop a culturally sensitive population care management plan to address a specific mental health care disparity for the specific population that you select.
In this paper, you will begin to bridge the gap between identifying a mental health care disparity and taking an action step forward to design a plan to correct it. The purpose of this plan is to present to three (3) organizations or leaders for implementation. In your written plan you will include three (3) possible funding organizations that you will seek to support your plan. In the future, you will be able to present this plan to organizations and or leaders that you think would be interested in partnering with you to implement the plan and address the mental health care disparity.
Helpful Tips: Below are some helpful tips and a template for you to use when you develop your paper. It is very important that you use the template headings and address the specific information under each heading.
· Make sure to set the paper up in APA format and provided a cover page with the title of your paper, your name, the course number, and your professor’s name
· Make sure each page has a page number on it
· Make sure the reference page begins on a separate page and is double spaced
· Check your paragraph structure and make sure you have at least 3 sentences in a paragraph and no more than 5-6 sentences
Template with section headings:

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