Current Event Journal

Current Event Writing Assignment:
Students are expected to keep a journal on current issues related to the criminal justice system. 
Each student will be required to compile a journal of their readings on current events (nothing over 6 months old) in the criminal justice field, specific to criminal law issues in the news. The journal will include the original article and a student summary of the article on its applications to class material. Students must have a minimum of 5 entries by the final due date.  DO NOT simply rehash or summarize the article. DO NOT CHOOSE ARTICLES THAT SIMPLY PROVIDE A SUMMARY OF AN EVENT. THE ARTICLE SHOULD HAVE A POINT OF VIEW.  Students must think about the event that is described and use that as a springboard for intelligent commentary.                                                         
The summary needs to include the following:
Summary of the article
Do you agree or disagree with the article? Why or why not? (without using the words “I think”)- It is important to note that finding articles that simply state facts are not appropriate for this assignment.  The articles must relate to a substantive issue that requires critical analysis in your entry. 
Discuss what effect the issue(s) may have on the Criminal Justice System or Society.
Apply something that you learned in the readings or in discussions to the article.

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