Current Events Related To Macroeconomics + Economic Short Response

1. Current Events Related To Macroeconomics

150 words – summarize the article

150 words – summary to Macroeconomics. (use pdf to reference macroeconomic theory and concept related to article

Format : times new roman, 12 point pitch doble space

Emphasized spelling, grammar, punctuation

Do not copy the article. Follow grading rubric.

Citation format: APA7 (article link and course materials)

2. Economic short response: Antitrust laws

Based on the antitrust laws, how would you expect the federal government to react to the following situations?

A college bookstore deliberately reduces prices until its only rival is driven out of business. The bookstore then raises its prices.

Real estate firms meet in an open meeting and agree to charge a given percent commission on sales.

Microsoft merges with Apple by a stock acquisition.

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