CW1 and CW2 support and submission

CW1 and CW2 support and submission 
My module helps me to develop my skills and support the CW1 and CW2 in order to provide experiences. I have provided my experience on a side project and my developed skills and knowledge that I have gathered from my journey of the learning period in which I have gathered practical knowledge by involving in the side project. 
In this study, I have provided my experience on the side projects in which I have developed my skills and knowledge in the professional field. I have gathered practical and theoretical knowledge with the help of the module and the side project. I am involved with a 3D company named RAD 3D, which is considered a start-up and focuses on customer services in order to get customer attention. The website of our company evaluates the strategic view of the employees as well as develops the extracted and focus of the customers in order to increase customer value. We have obtained experiences working with different artists in order to identify their potentiality and their effectiveness in contributing to the company. I have used the EnterComp framework in the company in order to increase business processes. On the other hand, I have used website development and the use of tribal and media marketing in order to increase productivity. On the other hand, the initiatives of the business and two business canvas models are used in order to develop strategic management. The DIFA models used in the company, including the customer required, are understood in this process. 

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