Dance 9 | Human Resource Management homework help

Pick a social dance in the Social Dance group list. 
Look up your social dance online. Find a video example of your social dance and include it in your post.
Describe your social dance. Write about 50 words of a movement description using the Elements of Dance vocabulary. Write another 50 words minimum answering the following questions. Where, how, and when did your dance originate? Is there music or a particular song that is associated with your dance? Who dances this dance? Do you dance this dance? Is this a dance form that was a brief fad, or is it still danced today? Your original thread should be a minimum of 100 words.
Make sure you also respond to two classmates’ threads and write a minimum of 50 words in each response.
classmate 1
For this week’s discussion post I chose to talk about the Cotton Eyed Joe dance.  The cotton eyed joe originated before the Civil War with the slaves.  It soon became a very popular southern square dance.  I personally danced to this song at every party growing up because it is very easy to learn and do.  There are only a few steps in the entire dance that are repeated through the whole song.  It is a fast tempo with lots of kicking and movement of the feet.  This dance uses a lot of space and energy as every time the chorus of the song comes on you move and face a different direction to do the dance.  I think this dance will move on to future generations because it is very fun and easy to dance to!
classmate 2
I chose the cupid shuffle because this is a dance I’m very familiar and comfortable with and it goes way back to my elementary school days and even throughout middle school, I remember certain parties we had in the gym where this dance was very popular during those days. Some of the movements used in this dance are space and energy because your moving, turning different directions, kicking, swaying, and all that uses space and energy because you have to memorize this dance on what step you’re taking next. The cupid shuffle came out in 2007 and it originated in Lafayette, Louisiana. I personally used to dance this dance during any party when it came on and so did everyone else because it’s a freestyle solo dance and it’s fun. I think the cupid shuffle can be still danced today because the old is gold and the newer generations may enjoy it and the older generations will always jam to it whenever it comes on.

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