Define the concept of Organizations as systems.

Define the concept of Organizations as systems.
When thinking about organizations and the people who make them up, it is feasible to consider them as systems designed to fulfill specific goals and objectives by using the people and other available resources. Departments, units, and divisions are only a handful of the numerous interconnected systems that make up a company’s organizational structure. Accounting, marketing, manufacturing, and data processing are just a few examples of typical functions. There are many more.
To create a compelling organizational whole, specialized functions (smaller systems) are gradually reintegrated into various techniques tailored to their needs. It is critical to think of organizations as complex systems because system principles show how they operate and should be approached. When defining information requirements and developing effective information systems, it is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the organization (“Organizations as systems,” 2017).
. Because all systems are built of subsystems (including information systems), when studying an organization, we must also look at the smaller systems involved and how they operate.

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