Depression among sex trafficking victims

Depression among sex trafficking victims
I suggest you use the outline provided in the instructions as the headings for each section of your paper. This will help you organize your thoughts.
Always use a thesis statement, tell the reader where you are going. For example, “This paper will explore adolescent depression and the evidence-based interventions used to treat adolescents in a school setting”. We can write more complex thesis statements, but we can also keep them simple. Our writing improves the more we write!
Literature reviews are designed to do two things: 1) give the reader an overview of the sources you explored, and 2) demonstrate how the findings fit into the larger field of study, in this case, social work.
Below you will find general guidelines to consider when developing a literature review. Please talk with the library to get help finding articles and the writing studio for more guidance.
Choose research articles that relate to your topic. For example, if you were to pick adolescents and depression as your topic, you would want to answer the following question, “What evidence-based therapies and interventions have been successful in treating adolescents with depression?”
Look for research articles that relate to the topic. For help in finding articles, you view the “Library Resources” tab on Canvas.
Select the most relevant information from the articles as it pertains to your topic.
Critically examine the articles. Look at the methodology, statistics, results, theoretical framework and discuss this in the main body of the paper.
Organize your information. You should use the outline as headings and begin with a definition or general overview of the topic.
Discuss implications, why is it important for social work? How might your findings impact practice, research, or policy for social work or the larger society?
Provide a conclusion for your work.
Abstract (provide a descriptive abstract, a short summary of your paper)
Introduction to the problem/diagnosis (tell me about the population you are researching; why is it important)
Interventions(Psychodynamic, Cognitive-behavioral, etc.) (tell me about the interventions used to address the condition or problem. What psychotherapeutic interventions are social workers using with this population, and are the interventions effective?)
Implications for Social Work(tell me what this means for social workers and the social work profession)
Conclusions(provide a brief summary of what you have found and what it means)
References(at least 10 empirical studies) (support your work with references)
PA 7 style is mandatory, citations, reference page, page numbers, headers etc. Papers
must be six to eight pages (minimum 6 pages in length, excluding title page and
Depression among sex trafficking victims
Component Points
 Concise
 Topic area clear
 Purpose clear
 Structure and scope of article
Introduction to the problem/diagnosis
 Problem or diagnosis described
 Importance of topic discussed
 Explained what will be addressed
 What are the latest interventions used to
address specified topic/problem?
 What theories guided the interventions?
 What evidence of effectiveness is available?
Implications for Social Work
 Discussed implications for social workers
(what is the state of knowledge regarding
interventions, best available evidence, gaps
in research, limitations, skills or knowledge
needed, etc.)
 Interventions guided by what theories and
what evidence is available
 Suggested interventions for social workers
to address specific problem
 Closing conclusive statement(s)
References (at least 10 empirical studies) 1
 Grammar/spelling/punctuation (.5)
 Well organized (1)
 APA 7th edition style (2.5)
Depression among sex trafficking victims

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