Describe the impact you believe each story had on the culture

Once you have view the Joseph Campbell, you will need to read the three stories that have been provided for you: the Enuma Elish (Mesopotamian Creation Story); Odin and Ymir (Norse Creation Story); The Origin of Japan and Her People (Japanese Creation Story); and The Buffalo Wife (Blackfoot Myth). After you have read and analyzed each story, write a 2.5-3 page paper in which you thoroughly explain how the four functions of mythology are illustrated in three of the stories – you MUST use The Buffalo Wife and the Enuma Elish, but you can choose between the other two. Describe the impact you believe each story had on the culture and the people who produced it, and explain which of the three stories you enjoyed the most. Remember to follow the CEC structure in your writing.
All papers should be double-spaced and you should use a size 12 font in either Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, if you need to cite something use, use MLA

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