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The son mexicano is a broad Mexican musical category. (T/F)
The son jarocho is native to  western Merico. (T/F)
3.       The canción mexicana and the son mexicano are one in the same.(T/F)
4.       The canción ranchera is a form of son. (T/F)
5.       Mariachi Cobre is an  example of  a Chicano mariachi.(T/F)
Los Lobos and  Conjunto Hueyapan are examples of Chicano ensembles, who perform son jarocho. (T/F)
7.       Chicano literature is limited to poetry and novels. (T/F)
8.       Code-switching and__________are defining features of Chicano literature.
(a)     caló  (b) pochismos  (c) profanity  (d) both a

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