Design and implement the class day that implements the day of the

Using JAVA
Design and implement the class Day that implements the day of the week in a program.  The class Day should store the day, such as Sun for Sunday.  The program should be able to perform the following operations on an object of type Day:
Create a prompt for starting day and the number of days to add.
Use standard java input (System.out.println) for the starting day and the number of days to add.
The first input should be the day ex: Sunday but it should also recognize sunday, sun, or Sun.
The next input would be the number of days to advance and show the day as a result.
A. Set the day.B. Print the day.C. Return the day.D. Return the next day.E. Return the previous day.
F. Calculate and return the day by adding certain days to the current day.  For example, if the current day is Monday and we add four days, the day to be returned is Friday.  Similarly, if today is Tuesday and we add 13 days, the day to be returned is Monday.
G. Add the appropriate constructors.
H. Write the definitions of the methods to implement the operations for the class Day, as defined in A through G.
I. Write a program to test various operations on the class Day.
Initial code:
// does not prompt
publicclass Day {   finalstaticint SUNDAY = 0;   finalstaticint MONDAY = 1;   finalstaticint TUESDAY = 2;   finalstaticint WEDNESDAY = 3;   finalstaticint THURSDAY = 4;   finalstaticint FRIDAY = 5;   finalstaticint SATURDAY = 6;
  privateint day;
   public Day(int day)    { = day;   }      publicvoid setDay(int day)   { = day;   }      publicint getDay()    {      return day;  }      publicvoid print()    {      System.out.println(this.toString());   }      publicint nextDay()    {      int next;      next = day 1;      return next;   }      publicint previousDay()    {      int prevDay;     prevDay = day – 1;     return prevDay;   }      publicint addDays(int days)    {     return (day days) % 7;   }      public String toString()    {      switch (   {      case SUNDAY:      return“Sunday”;      case MONDAY:      return“Monday”;      case TUESDAY:      return“Tuesday”;      case WEDNESDAY:      return“Wednesday”;      case THURSDAY:      return“Thursday”;      case FRIDAY:      return“Friday”;      case SATURDAY:      return“Saturday”;   }      return“”;      }     publicstaticvoid main(String[] args)    {      System.out.println(“******Test Day******”);      System.out.println();      System.out.print(“Set day: “);      Day d = new Day(SUNDAY);      d.print();      System.out.print(“Next day: “);      d.setDay(d.nextDay());      d.print();      System.out.print(“Previous day: “);      d.setDay(d.previousDay());      d.print();      System.out.print(“After 5 days: “);     d.setDay(d.addDays(5));      d.print();   }}

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