Designing an interdisciplinary lesson plan

Designing an interdisciplinary lesson
Designing interdisciplinary lessons may seem daunting for beginners. It is wise to start by integrating two STEM subjects. For example, one can start by integrating computer technology and mathematics.
Read about ‘Creating STEM Lesson Plans on Any Topic in 5 Simple Steps’ (‘Creating STEM Lesson Plans On Any Topic In 5 Simple Steps’, 2017).
Designing an interdisciplinary lesson plan
Design a lesson that integrates at least 2 STEM subjects.
The lesson should be between 45 to 60 minutes
\Designing an interdisciplinary lesson plan
Content should be grounded in at least two STEM subjects being integrated.
Your lesson plan should include:
Introduction of context and target group
Bloom Taxonomy objectives that range from low to high level
A range of teaching strategies
Assessment of learning outcomes
Lesson extension
The paper will be assessed using the Unit 6 Written Assignment rubric.
Designing an interdisciplinary lesson plan
1. Bergmann, J.,

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