Detailed discussions on the digestive system

Detailed discussions on the digestive system focus on the small intestines as an essential part of the system. Understanding the significant functions of the small intestines to the digestive system provides further understanding of the system on the absorption of food and nutrients. From the primary function of the digestive system to break down food, the small intestines as a specific part of the system are for absorption. According to the article ‘Absorption/ Boundless anatomy and physiology, a detailed understanding is provided of the essential role played by the small intestines on food absorption. Detailed discussion is provided of the adaptive structure of the ileum and how it is helpful in the absorption of food and nutrients. 
Relevance to Pathophysiology
The article is relevant to the study as it relates to pathophysiology. It provides details of the physiological process of food absorption and its appropriate conversion into valuable aspects in the body. Details of digestion and absorption in the small intestines as a physiological process are relevant in understanding the specific nutrients absorbed in the small intestines. Absorption of food occurs through diffusion through the walls of the small intestines. As the main point of reference in the absorption process, focusing on the article’s provisions on the topic is significant.
Article Summary
In the article, efficient discussions focus on the structure of the small intestines and how the system makes the absorption process a success. Details are provided on how food passes into the blood vessels through diffusion in the walls of the small intestines. The structure of the intestines has its inner walls covered with folds of finger-like projections called the villi. The villi are further branched into microvilli, the essential part of the absorption process. The finger-like structure increases the surface area of absorption, making the food nutrients readily available for use in the body. The villi further transport the food nutrients to a network of capillaries and vessels close to the surface. Intestines are therefore responsible for food absorption through diffusion into the human body.

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