Develop a case study analyzing a real marketing problem

Student must develop a case study analysing a real marketing problem
Main task
Student must develop a case study analysing a real marketing problem situation where existing problem need to be solved. It should relate the theory to a practical situation;
Synopsis/Executive Summary
Outline the purpose of the case study
Identify the theory that will be used
Outline the issues and findings of the case study without the specific details.
Summarise the major problem/s.
Identify alternative solutions to this/these major problem/s
Briefly outline each alternative solution and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages
Choose which of the alternative solutions should be adopted.
Briefly justify your choice explaining how it will solve the major problem/
Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:
Submit one file(s) only.
Required file format for main submission: PDF.
Additional file format for additional deliverables: Choose an option.
Additional file requirements: Type additional requirement info or “None”.Other details:
Font size 12
Number of words: 1000

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