Development In Adolescence Discussion Questions

Development In Adolescence Discussion Questions
Adolescence usually can start between the ages of 10-12 and continue to the ages between 18-22. This age range varies because of the various biopsychosocial changes and possible issues the adolescent and their family may incur. During this life span period, the client may employ issues that may affect this stage of development. Further, the adolescent continues to grow rapidly physically and cognitively. In addition, the onset of puberty, sexual maturity, and development into adulthood is prevalent during the adolescence stage. Furthermore, the adolescents at this stage are developing their sense of identity and independence from their parents, yet, their parents are legally obligated to care for them. Social workers can encounter many complex challenges when working with adolescents and their families due to ethical and legal challenges. Therefore, the social worker must support the teen’s growth, development, and independence while acknowledging the interdependence among the individual, family, and social factors.
Requirements and Guidelines
Review the Course Outcomes for this assignment, which are listed above.
You will review Sanchez Family interactive case at (Links to an external site.) paying particular attention to the client Carmen Sanchez’s situation.
You will be required to write in APA format at least a 5-page paper (not including title or reference pages), which will analyze the Sanchez Family, particularly Carmen Sanchez. You will identify any developmental issues of Carmen that might need attention.
You will describe and choose possible issues that may have placed Carmen at risk for problems as she moves into adulthood.
You will examine what interventions might be developed for Carmen to help her avoid potential problems as she matures.
You will evaluate evidence that Carmen’s older family members might now be struggling with issues that relate to development in their adolescence, and explain how this may have influence in Carmen’s developmental growth.
You must explain how such findings can inform evidence-based social work practice.
The assignment should be a minimum of 7 peer-reviewed articles and/or scholarly resources to support their position(s). Students should also use content featured in the text and readings to support their position(s).

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