Dhirubail Ambani International School

Table of Contents
Mission Statement
The mission of Dhirubhai Ambani International School Department of College Counseling is to meet the needs of the entire college-bound population. We are dedicated to the success and educational development of every student in pursuit of their passion through the medium of post-secondary education. Through individualized support planning, counseling and collaboration with families, the Department of College Counselling team reinforces educational values that enable the DAIS students achieve their goals and succeed in competitive college environments.
The Department of College Counselling is fully committed to the overall mission of the DAIS and we firmly believe that every student…show more content…
• Conduct an annual presentation for 11th and 12th students and parents at the beginning of the school term.
• Educate students and parents on how to navigate through the Naviance System.
3. Counsellor-Student Interview
The initial interview with each student is an integral part of the support planning process.  The one-on-one meeting is the student’s opportunity to detail plans, discuss challenges, resources and to gain a good understanding of how The Department of College Counselling support services will be tailored to their unique situation.
• Schedule appointments with student and parents (DU)
a. Identify student’s interest/passion
b. Assist students in assessing their interests and understanding how they relate to their academic and co-curricular options and career opportunities.
c. Establishes a formal plan with input from students and their families  
d. Explain what is financial aid
e. Advise on College Board Test
f. Facilitate the application process
g. Identify colleges that are a good fit based on students interest, academic performance/capabilities, resources and choices

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