Diagnose Hypothyroidism is through a blood test

The only way to accurately diagnose Hypothyroidism is through a blood test that measures hormone levels in the body. The test, known as a thyroid function test, measures the amount of thyroid-stimulating hormone in the blood. Hypothyroidism is also referred to as an underactive thyroid condition in which the thyroid gland does not generate adequate thyroid hormones to satisfy your body’s needs. This happens when your thyroid gland fails to generate and release sufficient thyroid hormone into your bloodstream to satisfy your body’s needs. Your metabolism will slow as a result of this. This illness, also known as Hypothyroidism, can cause one to feel fatigued, gain weight, constipation, and lethargy, and make one unable to endure cold temperatures. In the early phases of Hypothyroidism, no symptoms may manifest themselves. As a result of unexplained Hypothyroidism, various health problems might develop, such as myxedema coma, a disease in which your body’s activities slow down to the point that they are life-threatening.

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