Digital marketing strategy sampled summary

Digital marketing strategy 
A digital marketing strategy is considered as a plan that is outlined to achieve the marketing objectives and goals and help to get a leading position of a company. This strategy plans summarise the digital marketing tactics and online channels that are used to invest in the tactics and channels (Kingsnorth, 2019). The hospitality industry is one of the growing industries that help in the economic background of the nations, and the marketing strategies help to establish customer loyalty by using social media platforms (Vieira 
et al.,
 2019). In the hospitality industry, distal marketing strategies are established in order to have experienced full-service digital marketing agencies and get competitive and smart strategies in order to enhance the competitive advantages of the hotels. In order to implement the marketing strategies, the hospitality industry needs to create smart goals in order to get guidance for their implemented stages. The hospitality industry makes short and long term goals that increase customer services in which the employees contribute their efforts to make measurable, realistic and achievable goals that make the company get a leading position to make the profitability to get proper budget for their goals. On the other hand, it has multiple opportunities, such as it increases customer satisfaction as well as competitive advantages that influence to ensure the channel features accurate tracking information (Khmiadashvili, 2019). This helps to get information about market trends that encourages market trends in order to satisfy customers and get customer loyalty. There are multiple digital marketing strategies such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, video SEO, social media marketing and many more. The hospitality industry uses social media marketing as there are various customers who promote their hotels on social media and get multiple market opportunities. In the current situation, social media and content marketing are famous and increasing their fame in the global market. 

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