Discuss basis of making a capacity decision

Discuss basis of making a capacity decision
What information does a decision maker need in order to perform an expected-value analysis of
a problem? What options are available to the decision maker if the probabilities of the states of
nature are unknown? Can you think of a way you might use sensitivity analysis in such a case?
12. Suppose a manager is using maximum EMV as a basis for making a capacity decision and, in the
process, obtains a result in which there is a virtual tie between two of the seven alternatives. How
is the manager to make a decision?
13. Identify three potential unethical actions or inactions related to decision analysis and the ethical
principle each violates (see Chapter 1).
1. A small building contractor has recently experienced two successive years in which work opportunities exceeded the firm’s capacity. The contractor must now make a decision on capacity for next
year. Estimated profits under each of the two possible states of nature are as shown in the table
below. Which alternative should be selected if the decision criterion is:
a. Maximax?
b. Maximin?
c. Laplace?
d. Minimax regret?
Alternative Low High
Do nothing $50* $60
Expand 20 80
Subcontract 40 70
*Profit in $ thousands.
2. Refer to Problem 1. Suppose after a certain amount of discussion, the contractor is able to subjectively assess the probabilities of low and high demand: P(low) = .3 and P(high) = .7.
a. Determine the expected profit of each alternative. Which alternative is best? Why?
b. Analyze the problem using a decision tree. Show the expected profit of each alternative on the
c. Compute the expected value of perfect information. How could the contractor use this
3. Refer to Problems 1 and 2. Construct a graph that will enable you to perform sensitivity analysis on
the problem. Over what range of P(high) would the alternative of doing nothing be best? Expan

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