Discuss Proposal For Legal Reform

Discuss Proposal For Legal Reform
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your achievement in the following professional competencies:
Ethical decision making
Legal principles development, application, and assessment
Information seeking
Written communication
Impact and influence of management and leadership
Change leadership
Innovative thinking
Using online resources, identify and analyze a case of your choice (no older than 8 years) that you believe presents a conflict between public health, healthcare ethics, and current legal statutes (i.e., required vaccinations, no smoking policies, food/restaurant labeling requirements, school nutrition policies, etc.).
Then, take the perspective of a healthcare executive or professional solving a public health or ethical dilemma that your organization, community, and/or the healthcare profession at large are facing.
Based on your research and analysis of the case, write an 8–10-page proposal to other healthcare executives soliciting their support for legal reform with the state legislature. Include the following items in your proposal:
Describe how healthcare professionals and leaders can bring about changes in healthcare, legal, or ethical issues.
Explain the current conflict between public health, healthcare ethics, and the current legal statute you have selected. Use cases and outside resources to explain your position.
Present a new piece of legislature that will address the ethical conflict. While there are no wrong or right answers, make sure to link your new law to previous cases and/or healthcare ethical principles. Use existing laws but also be creative in writing a law.
Identify the barriers to implementing the law, the stakeholders, and ways in which the barriers can be overcome.
Your proposal should be approximately 8–10 pages in length. Organize your proposal in the following manner:
Title page
Summary of selected case
Reason for the selection and how it meets the criteria
The ethical dilemma
Background research
Description of proposal
Proposed legislation
Reference page that follows APA citation guidelines
Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document
Note- The article has already been chosen. It’s attached to the post. Please use this and other online credible sources.

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