Discuss the advantages of e-learning for an undergraduate

Discuss the advantages of e-learning for an undergraduate like you and for MBA Health sciences, and in the corporate training environment.
E-learning is essential for an undergraduate because the future entails technology. Without technical skills, it would be impossible to function in the future workplace in any industry. It is also necessary for MBA health sciences because the healthcare industry has now incorporated technology in all operations. The corporate training environment also requires this knowledge to facilitate the acquisition of emerging trends. 
b) Enter amazon.com and Sony.com and find the latest information about their e-book readers. Compare their capabilities and write a report.
Amazon and Sony deal in various online products, including books. Amazon’s capability in this sector is better than Sony’s because it has a wide variety of books. A user can locate a reading quickly on this platform that Sony. Thus, Amazon’s e-book platform is more user-friendly than Sony’s. 

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