Discuss the concept of parens patriae

Discuss the concept of parens patriae.
The concept of parent patriae has a stand on how a state has a responsibility and right to care for children who are left alone, delinquent, and disadvantaged in one way or the other. Juvenile wrongdoers, those who saved children believed, had to be given treatment, and they dont have to be given punishment .and they were not pleased to keep children in prisons with older people who were handles. In the year of 1967 justice, Abel Fortas of the court of supreme stated that those who save children hold that the responsibility of a community was not to find out whether the child had done the crime or not, but they focus on the status of the child, what has helped the child to reach to that status and even the thing that has carried out focusing on him and his position to help him from improving heir their career. The excellent child was viewed as the object of solicitude and care, and not he is put to jail on placing before the court. Organizations that saved children persuaded the local legislature to have laws that accepted them to be in charge of children who have criminal behaviours or who had been left alone by their caretakers.

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