Discuss the eight scopes of integrated logistical integration

Discuss the eight scopes of integrated logistical integration
Customer analysis
Customer analysis is a crucial component in formulating an integrated system. An integrated approach is strategic and a well-planned business process that is service-oriented, and it allows organizations to provide customized services. Through customer analysis, a company can identify the target customers and determine their needs, preferences, and the methods that can be used to satisfy their needs comprehensively. Customer analysis boosts clientele coverage because it a customer-oriented approach. 
Purchasing/supplier partnering
A company can attain purchasing partnering by maintaining a continuous relationship among its suppliers. This business process requires an organization to commit itself to its activities and business transactions it undertakes with the supplies for an extended period. For instance, an organization can provide supplies with information regarding risks and rewards involved during supplying. 
Inventory management and control
Inventory management entails replenishing and forecasting inventory. It enables an organization to know when to place an order, the quantity of the products, and identify a specific supplier. On the other hand, inventory management is the method of regulating and coordinating the sale and use of inventory that is already in the store. 

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