Discussion conceptual design for psychadelica

Discussion conceptual design for psychadelica
After reading Chapter 21  (will do 22 next week) and after watching the inteview and exhibition videos in the Build Your Knowledge area, please discuss at least two of the following and add your own thoughts about what you found interesting in the reading. Feel free, as always, to post images that you’d like to talk about further.
1) talk a bit about Milton Glaser’s (or other’s from the Pushpin Studio’s) method of combining images and ideas from disparate places and combining them into a single, well-design concept? What do you gather from the reading that conceptual design is? How might it be different from other approaches we have seen?
2) 60’s Psychadelica is a whole new thing all of a sudden! Or is it?
What periods of graphic design past do you see influencing this new take on the poster? Also, whatis new? What was the function of this design?
Additionally, find a poster or 60’s/70’s album cover you find particularly cool and tell us why you like it. (If you have an older person around, say the age of your prof here – 57!! – ask them what their favorite music poster or album cover was from back in the day. – They will have one!)
3) Comment on some of the Cuban revolutionary art, or earlier Polish posters or French posters. What is the nature of these new revolutionary designs? What did you learn from the chapter that was interesting about these contributions?
The usual fine print follows.

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