Discussion on Normal Growth and Development

Discussion on Normal Growth and Development
A mother tells the nurse that it is diffi cult to get
her 4-year-old child to bed at night. Which of
the following should the nurse suggest that the
mother do?
1. Give the child a small present if he goes to bed
when he is asked to.
2. Play a running game with the child right before
3. Develop a bedtime routine that is followed every
4. Let the child stay up late on weekends if he goes
to bed on time on weeknights.
7. Parents inform the nurse that their 4½-year-old
daughter “stutters a lot.” Th e nurse should advise the
parents to do which of the following? Select all that
1. Wait patiently for the child to complete her
2. Give the child a treat whenever she speaks clearly.
3. Look directly at the child while she is speaking.
4. Respond to the child by speaking slowly and
5. Refrain from making any comments about the
8. A parent asks the nurse the following question: “My
son plays with his penis all the time. What should I
do?” Which of the following responses is appropriate
for the nurse to give the parent? “Advise your child
1. he should touch his penis only when he is
2. the behavior is appropriate when he is alone in a
private place.”
3. only boys who are old enough to have sex should
touch their penises.”
4. bad men may try to hurt him if they see him
playing with his penis.”
9. A parent telephones the nurse in the primary
health-care provider’s offi ce and states, “My 4½-yearold child was screaming and kicking in her sleep. She
really scared me, but by the time I got into her
bedroom, she seemed to be quiet again. What should
I do if that happens again?” Which of the following
responses by the nurse is appropriate?
1. “Th e best way to stop night terrors is to have your
child talk about her fears during the day.”
2. “Th e best way to deal with nightmares is to
keep a night light lit in your child’s room
all night.”
3. “Night terrors usually go away on their own just
like your daughter’s did. It is best not to awaken
the child.”
4. “Nightmares are very common in children your
daughter’s age. Next time wake her up, and tell
her that she is safe.”

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