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Watch the video, Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity.
Sir Ken Robinson suggests that our schools are killing creativity.  To what extent do you agree or disagree?  Do you think the focus on 21st century skills will refocus the priority in schools away from solely mastering discrete skills?  If it did, would this be a positive improvement in our education system?  Would it lead to more opportunities for students to be creative?  Explain your thinking. 
 Week 2 – Assignment 
classroom Management Plan
Choose a class you teach or one you hope to teach in the future and describe your classroom management plan. Because a classroom management plan refers to the things that a teacher does to organize students’ time, space, and materials so that instruction and student learning can effectively take place, your plan should discuss these factors and demonstrate your ability to create a climate conducive to learning. Your plan should also establish high expectations for student behavior and learning. At a minimum, your plan should do the following:
Explain the goal of the plan, including the grade level(s) it addresses. 
Generate a set of rules and expectations.
Examine and explain the role students have in the classroom. 
Examine and explain the role you play in the classroom. 
Create an implementation plan (how this plan will be implemented in the classroom). 
Construct a visual representation of the physical arrangement of the classroom. 
Your plan should be between three and five pages, in addition to a title and reference page, and be divided into sections clearly delineating what is being addressed. The items outlined above should serve as a starting point for your sections. Other sections of your choosing may be added. Given that we are teaching and learning in an increasingly connected digital society, you will also need to review the National Education Teacher Standards (NETS-T) and identify at least two aspects of the standards you will address in creating an effective learning environment. Please use APA format to cite and reference at least three scholarly sources, including the course textbook, in this assignment.

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