Dq ? what is our honest opinion/behavior toward older adults?

What is our honest opinion/behavior toward older adults?
Following are points that are presented in our text and life, in  general.  For this assignment, choose one of the following points or  create one of your own to provide your answer for this topic.
What is your opinion about what you have read in your text and in the  links about what have you observed in your personal life – this can be  your own thoughts and behavior (be honest) toward older adults OR what  you have seen occur both in thoughts or actions of others.  (200 MINIMUM – 250-word MAXIMUM )
Some interesting points to consider or create one of your own:
We currently live in a culture that appears to value youth above age. – Discrimination Against Older Adults 
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In some cultures in history, older people were valued for their  knowledge, but Berger points out that more often than not the elderly  have been thought of negatively.
The old were historically more valued in cultures where most people were not literate. The elderly provided the knowledge and history 
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Today, the young-old are mostly active, healthy, and productive. But  people fear being in the old-old group. Health is not assured,  financial support wanes, and the cultural admonition for independence  causes insecurity.
The factors that contribute to an aging population are longer life-expectancy, 
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