. Early childhood special education. Effective Education

Jay is a special needs student who needs assistance regarding structure, one-on-one academic attention, and intervention in her learning. The provision of special classes for her is vital for developing these identified gaps in her studies. There is a need to assess the outcomes of such programs to determine if they have achieved the desired objectives. Although Jay is a fourth-grader, she has speech difficulties and needs to obtain competency in various aspects of her life to gain independence. Taking her back to first-grade reading level amounts to a separation from her peers due to her disability. This affects her relationship with her current peers, teachers, and even parents and siblings. Separation affects the child’s esteem and ability to connect and interact with others. As a special educator in the room, I would suggest collaboration between the fourth-grade teachers and the special education staff to create a suitable schedule that enables Jay to remain in her rightful grade most of the time while attending to her special needs classes (Correa, 

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