Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Responding to Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018-2019 using NHAHNES SURVEILLANCE System
Early surveillance of Ebola virus disease happened in 1994 before Tai National forest outbreak, where the chimpanzees’ population was reduced by half. Also, in 2001, 65 gorillas, antelopes, and chimpanzees were found dead before and during the Gabon outbreak. An increase in the number of Ebola cases resulted in the United Nations scale-up strategy launch. In 2018 October, the Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo publicized an outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in two provinces. An inter-agency information management Working Group was established. Among others were: MoH, CDC, WHO, UNICEF and IFRC. The roles of the Information Management Working Group were to elaborate information management strategy, define products to be published, methodologies to the visualization of data analysis, and KPIs. Moreover, a series of meetings were held to facilitate interaction among agencies for various activities such as refinement of KPIs, criteria of different activities of the algorithm, concepts of tools that will help Infection Prevention and Control Scorecard that helps reduce infection risks.
An Ebola Virus Disease surveillance system was grouped into sub-pillars; first, surveillance included contacts tracing mainly for Ebola prevention and control. Second, surveillance of safe burials for effective case management, social mobilization, community engagement, vaccination and operational support. The third is the surveillance of anthropological studies for diagnostic and laboratory, essential health services, and security.
The rise of the epidemic got effectively monitored through: First, a comprehensive collection and critical analysis of epidemiological data to track Ebola cases. Second, follow of contacts. Third, a clear and precise understanding of the epidemiological links by mapping the outbreak’s spread and identification of the risk factors. In addition, a monitoring framework delivered operational and strategic analysis for an easy follow-up on the response outcomes.

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