Ebola Outbreak in West Africa in 2014

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa in 2014 Using National Environmental Public Health Tracking Surveillance System
In 2014, more than 11,000 people died due to the Ebola outbreak. In West Africa surveillance is done on a paper-based process. Therefore, using this surveillance system was to improve the process by developing a tool that improves data collection, assessment of situations and accurate coordination of responses throughout the process. For instance, in comparison with NHANES, West Africa surveillance involves a paper-based process.
Methods and applications: The process began by conducting thorough engineered processes and personas. A data schema with specific variables got defined to measure outbreak situations. The system was then designed to be a cloud application with interfaces for computers and mobile devices to support the stakeholders involved in the process. In addition, the field’s health workers collected data on the Ebola outbreak situation using mobile applications and immediately transmitted it to the control centers. Data collection of field information was conducted through contacts and interviews using mobiles and smartphones.

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