Ebola Virus Disease in Congo and West Africa

In my opinion, the surveillance system used to monitor Ebola Virus Disease in Congo and West Africa was adequate and effective than the West Africa one. The digitalized monitoring frameworks helped raise awareness among the stakeholders of response. The mode of data collection encompassed a technological innovation that had a considerable impact on timeliness, data quality, better control of collected data and completeness. Data analysis of the surveillance enabled reproducibility and comparability of data over time. There was an excellent added value of monitoring inputs, outputs, and the status of activities and performance indicators used to complement the data. Also, the applications and methodologies offered operational and comprehensive information to decision-makers for adequate support of strategic planning. On the other hand, since the West African region is improving its surveillance system, there were significant delays in forwarding outbreak information. Also, there were disruptions in reacting adequately to situational changes. A propose to improvements in the collection technique used is applying organizational practices to enable commitment from all levels of an organization. Second, training all the staff involved in data collection for appropriate guidance for collecting data both in written and verbal.
The recommendations to improve the use of informatics to monitor Ebola Virus Disease include: Professional expertise should have clear familiarization and demonstration of professional experience in monitoring and surveillance systems. Second, proficiency with data visualization software. Third, validated experience in developing and implementing frameworks with solid familiarity in monitoring indicators.

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