Econometrics assignment 1 | Economics homework help

Assignment  1 [1]  Download  the  data  file  CHICK6.csv  from  Assignment  1. [2] Load the CHICK6.csv data into R and rename it so that it includes your own name or initials (for example, we  might  name  our  dataset  JunfuCHICK6 ). [3] Generate the mean and the standard deviation for the variables Y, PC, PB, and YD  from the CHICK6.csv data  set. [4]  You  are  going  to  run  a  regression  (in  [5])  where  Y  is  the  dependent  variable,  and  PC,  PB,  and  YD  are the  independent  variables.  Discuss  whether  you  think  the  independent  variable  PB  will  have  a  negative  or positive  eect  on  the  dependent  variable.  In  your  decision,  try  to  use  as  much  economic  theory  as  you  can  — theory  is  what  motivates  what  variables  are  included  in  a  model  and  what  sign  we  anticipate  for  the  model’s estimates. [5]  Estimate  the  model  in  R  and  present  the  results. [6]  Interpret  the  results  for  the  coefficient  PB  from  your  model.  Make  sure  to  include  whether  or  not  the result  aligned  with  your  expectations. 

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