Effective Strategies For Literature Reviews

Effective Strategies For Literature Reviews
Over the length of this course, you will be engaged in writing assignments about a psychological disorder of your choice that will help you build pieces of the final project. This will allow you to get feedback from your instructor throughout the course, enabling you to update and improve your work based on that feedback. This approach allows you to submit a polished version of your final project in Module 5.
Effective Strategies For Literature Reviews
Last week you chose your topic and completed your outline. This week you will begin to write a literature review, gathering information on your selected topic for the final project. You will also create an APA style title page.
Effective Strategies for Literature Reviews
Step 1: Searching the Literature
Effective Strategies For Literature Reviews
The most important step in doing the literature review is to consult the relevant databases (e.g., PsychINFO, Academic Search Complete). Your search will identify many articles. Based on the abstract of the article, you will be able to decide that many of them are not directly relevant. Locate and read the articles with abstracts that are promising.
A good starting place is this NLU research guide for Psychology. This guide centralizes major resources in the field of psychology, including databases for searching journals articles, public websites, and APA style:
Effective Strategies For Literature Reviews
NLU. (2017, September 17). Psychology [Help

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