Eight more short history essays

I need at least these short essays covered (about a page, each)
The essays should be more substantial than the answers to the identification terms. The essay answers should consist of three main parts: and introduction, and main body, and a conclusion.
Your introductions should be a paragraph long and explain in brief your answer to the question. The body is where you will make most of your main argument, using examples from the lectures and your textbook. I do not wish to limit how much your write here by setting a maximum length, make the best argument that you can, however the body of your essay needs to be at least three paragraphs long at minimum. Finally, your conclusion should be a paragraph in length restating your argument. Be sure to answer all the questions fully and please be specific in your answers.
NO CITATIONS/REFERENCES other than (if able) “THE EARTH AND ITS PEOPLES” textbook, if you have it.
Essay Questions (15 points each/4 will be graded for 60 points total):
Discuss the underlying causes behind the Great War. Be sure to discuss the various alliances made and the events leading up to the war. Which cause do you think was the most significant cause of the conflict?
How was warfare during the Great War different than previous conflicts with regards to technology, the role of women, and the role of civilians?
Discuss the interwar years (between the Great War and WW2) with regards to the events that triggered the tensions that eventually led to WW2. Be sure to discuss major ideological changes amongst the developing Axis powers and why these ideological changes occurred (but stop at 1937 when the war in Asia begins).
Discuss how World War 2 was different than the Great War? How was it similar? Be sure to discuss issues relating to technology, involvement, and goals (of both the Axis and Allied powers).
How did science change during the interwar years to make the Manhattan Project a possibility? How did the resulting atomic bomb affect the war and the post-war era?
Discuss the major events/ideas/actions that led to the Cold War. Which do you think was the most significant event/idea/action that led to the Cold War?
Why was the Cold War so prevalent in Europe and what measures were taken to contain the Communist threat there? Also, why did the Cold War spread beyond Europe into other parts of the world (be sure to use one example of an event outside of Europe that was sparked by the Cold War. What were the motivations behind the event?)
Describe the events that led to the creation of Israel? What resulting tension occurred in the Arab world because of the founding of the new Jewish state?

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