ELA, Social Studies, And Arts Differentiated Instructional Planning

Revise your five-day integrated literacy and social studies unit from last week to include two art standards for the appropriate grade level. Make any changes to your original unit to fully integrate the art components and incorporate useful feedback you received from your mentor teacher. In the Differentiation section of the unit plan, identify support strategies forstudents with exceptionalities. Strategies should be based on the students in your field experience classroom who are receiving special education services. For clarification, explain the delays or disabilities on the plan.

Part 2 Reflective

In a 750 reflection, describe your instructional choices, including 3-5 research-based sources that support your reasoning. As part of your reflection address the following items:

Delineate the specific standards integrated throughout your plan and the rationale for their appropriateness.
Explicitly highlight the proposed strategies within your plan that enhance language development and communication skills.
Describe the learning resources and materials needed to support your lesson plans. Specifically address the use of technology in creating an engaging learning experience.
Explain the differentiation included to make this unit accessible and appropriate for individuals with exceptionalities.
Explain how you have addressed or incorporated the unique backgrounds of the individual students in your class, to prevent any social and cultural biases from interfering with student learning. (For example, how did you consider students who may be experiencing poverty, oppression, or injustice in regards to preparing the lessons?)
APA Style

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