Elder Abuse in the US Government

Elder Abuse in the US Government
Need help with my writing homework on Elder Abuse in the US. Write a 1250 word paper answering; A large number of elders all over the United States are being abused: harmed in some considerable way often by people who are directly liable for their care. Over half a million accounts of abuse against elderly Americans get too concerned authorities each year, and millions of more cases go unheard. Elder abuse is likely to occur where the senior resides. most frequently within the home where abusers are likely to be grown person. other relatives, for instance, grandchildren. or spouses of elders. Institutional situations particularly continuing care services can as well be sources of elder abuse.
Elder Abuse in the US Government
Every year many older individuals are badly treated, ignored, as well as subjugated. Several sufferers are people who are elder, weak, as well as defenseless and cannot help themselves and rely heavily on others to meet even their most fundamental requirements. Abusers of elder people are both males and females and may be relatives, friends, or “trusted others” (Ulsperger

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